Putting Talents In A Blender

One of the reasons why I’m a big fan of outsourcing elements of various projects to freelancers, beyond the obvious benefits of not having to supervise a live staff, is because I can pick and choose talents best suited for each individual project.  This is not to say that outsourcing is an easy catch all solution for online marketing business development, I’ve personally spent thousands of hours fine tuning my process, but it works well for what I do.  I take a bunch of niche based talents, put them in a blender, and come out with a mix I do well with.

Consider this – have you ever met a “web designer” (another phrase I hope I never hear again, are you a graphic designer or not?) that is also a great coder or database administrator? They might exist and some claim to have the talent, but in my pursuits I’ve never found that one could also do the job of the other as effectively as separate experts within their niche.

The same concept can be applied to copy writers, and just about any other type of skilled work that a modern online marketing project is going to encompass. Lately, I’ve even taken to using “sub niche” experts – separating “graphic designers” into “logo designers” “layout designers” and even “call to action designers”.  Anyone can take this concept and apply meta thought processes too it, but be careful not to over do it or you might find yourself spread too thin.

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