Murphy Marketing is not currently seeking out clients, but occasionally do provide online marketing services and web development.  Recently we have decided that doors left open make more sense than closed doors, and my interest has grown in developing real life local marketing relationships outside of my current circle of projects and clients.  Scope and scale of what we can do is truly unlimited.

Advanced Design And Development

Whether building a custom content database driven management administration system or using existing systems (aka Wordpress) our experience in outsourcing helps us provide expert level work at affordable pricing.

Expert Content Creation

Using a pool of resources and reaching out to experts in fields we are working with has been a key to our success in online marketing projects, the average web surfer is a great deal smarter than many companies and firms realize.  For select clients we can create a large organized website created by experts in the industry.

Cutting Edge Management Software And Reporting

A key element to increasing profits when marketing online is learning to adapt to the behavior of visitors actions, documenting what tactics are succeeding and which are lacking in performance.  Using modern software tools all clients are able to login to our website and see in real time keyword ranking positions, incoming traffic sources, and conversion reports.  By compiling this data Murphy Marketing clients are able to take advantage of competitors sleeping at the wheel.  Custom reporting is also sent to those who prefer a more hands off approach.

Brand Building And Reputation Management

Becoming a house hold name is a challenge in today’s fast paced environment, we have experience managing reputation and building recognition for many recognized brands. In a review based world, managing reputation and online presense is becoming ever more important, as is real time interaction with new and existing customers using social media services such as Facebook and Twitter.

Search Engine Marketing And Optimization

SEO is truly our strongest area of expertise, we really get excited about converting “free” traffic into paying customers.  Services and options include link building campaigns, social media management, and on page seo optimization.

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