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As I’ve been busy consumed with personal projects inside the gaming sector I never actually got around to having a “home base” for my company. I have always worked on my own ventures anyways, so I never had felt the need to operate a portal. Fact is, I didn’t have the time. Going forward I admit I’m still skeptical of my plans to accept media development and customer acquisition contracts outside of my own, but at the same time I understand there is a lot of smart people struggling to get great ideas off the ground, not understanding the search, local, and social landscape the way I do.

Perhaps some strong relationships can be built off combined talents and experiences, after all my online marketing services are performance based (and interest based) so I only get paid what I deliver on, so it’s truly a win win for everyone involved. I’m definitely looking forward to returning to developing personal relationships and networking, gaming is a profitable sector but it’s a pretty isolated business not always full of reputable characters.

I’m still undecided on whether I will remain in my home office or rent a space, and whether I’ll rent in the city of Madison WI or in the small town of Stoughton WI that I reside in. We are planning to build a home nearby in Oregon, so I’m also considering that area as well.  During this transition a lot of golf is in my future as well.

That’s all I have for a first blog post, we are still adapting to the legal changes in the online gaming arena so I have been extremely busy keeping things updated and fresh.  I hope any of my colleagues in that arena are weathering the storm, it’s been great to watch the moves everyone has made along the way.

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