Our Unique and Profitable Approach to Online Marketing

As an internet entrepreneur and online search marketing professional I’ve competed as an individual with the biggest firms in the business, without the high overhead and lofty advertising costs.  While pay per click and flat ad spends have their own uses, I’m a strong believer in building brand recognition and natural visibility in the organic search results.

After all, there are few things more profitable than converting traffic without a high acquisition price.

Organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and to a lesser extent Yahoo is critical to the success of business and firms with products and services for sale.

Clients and personal projects I’ve worked with have seen explosive traffic and #1 rankings in some of the toughest vertical spaces on the web, including the most profitable keywords associated with online gaming and health and fitness – without having to take huge financial risks in the process.

While it is true that the search landscape is a rapidly changing market, truly skilled online marketing specialists don’t buy into SEO gimmicks and risky schemes.  The tried and true approach does indeed make this a “hurry up and wait” type of business, but those of us who follow the path of “organizing the worlds information” and engaging in honest, relationship based product and services sales will continue to enjoy great success in the online marketing world for the foreseeable future.

I’ll bet you want to know what we mean by “results driven marketing” by now:

I believe in performance marketing online that delivers profitable results. Traffic volume is less important in online marketing than most people realize, sales volume is what counts, clicks and ecommerce are what I’m after aka real money sales.

To put this in perspective, consider website A receiving 10,000 visitors monthly and making 1,000 sales compared to website B which gets 1,000 search visits monthly and converts 500 sales.  I’d rather be working on website B any day of the week, chasing high volume keywords as a search engine marketer is not on my radar, however, pursuing high converting keywords is.

I’m very selective in who I take as a client as my own personal ventures take up most of my time, but I do entertain consulting offers that interest me. I prefer to do this on a local level, projects with at least six figure potential. My marketing strategy is relatively simple – I build websites that provide quality, accurate, honest, and unbiased information to consumers.

Hype is overdone in 2011, I prefer a simple straight forward approach. To contact me, please use the email form on this website. I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.

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